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Verica Pandilovska is an educated solo artist/singer and performs alone and/or with a band. She has a vast experience in all kinds of music events, performing pop, rock, latino, country, soul, funk, jazz and blues. Although with a personal signature album, Verica’s experience is based on cover performance, mostly performing in night clubs, pubs, discotheques, casinos, hotels, restaurants, open air concerts etc. Has been performing for any kind of events, night/day parties, all size concerts, cocktails, weddings, fashion shows, business and education seminars, and for any kind of customers, wide audience, private parties, public parties, businessmen, politicians, ambassadors etc. Tours across Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece.

*Now, open for booking in Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and worldwide.
**Feeling free to say that she invented and brought cover performance in Macedonia, proven to be one of the best in the country.
***To your satisfaction here is a small selection of the wide music program (approx.1000songs)

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